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Toteg Tribe Practices

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First Steps In Powerful Meditation Easy to follow instructions that can help you to be meditating like an expert in a very short while.

First Steps to Becoming a Toteger These are preliminary instructions for personal spiritual growth the Toteg Tribe way.

Learning from the Directions This is how we learn from the Sacred Scriptures written in Nature.

How to Honor Your Ancestors There are many ways to honor your ancestors. Here are a few ideas.

Prayer Before Meals by Jaelle Shadowdancer

Forming a Toteg Tribe Style Circle How to start your own local group.

How To Conduct a Toteg Tribe Style Circle A basic ceremony that can be used by anyone.

Welcome to the weekly gathering of Greenwood Clan A sample circle.

Inspirational Activities The source for all Toteg Tribe sayings, maxims, proverbs, and adages.

Table of Contents

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