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Shamanism: Archaic Techniques of Ecstasy
by Mircea Eliade
     *The* classical reference that clearly defined what is and is not shamanism. This is not a how-to guide to instant shamanism; it is a scholarly read, and may be difficult going, especially for beginners. Still, it should be on every practioner's bookshelf. It provides necessary grounding in classical shamanism, and is invaluable as a reference for understanding aspects of your own experiences. Click here to order Shamanism: Archaic Techniques of Ecstasy from
The Way of the Shaman
by Michael Harner
     While Eliade is the father of modern shamanic scholarship, Harner is the father of the popular neo-shamanic movement. Even if you don't use his methods, or agree with his commercial endeavors, this book is a must read, as it established and defined much of the popular vocabulary and theory. We've been told that the basic Harner workshop covers this exact same material... so if you can follow instructions, buy the book, it's a heck of a lot cheaper!. Click here to order The Way of the Shaman from
Initiation into Hermetics
by Franz Bardon
     Initiation into Hermetics provides step by step instruction in the form of practical exercises. These exercises lead to the development of body, soul and spirit. The result of the practical exercises is the development of occult abilities which can be of benefit to the student. Click here to order Initiation into Hermetics from
The Journey to the Sacred Garden: A Guide to Traveling in the Spiritual Realms
by Henry Barnard Wesselman
     At the heart of spiritual awakening lies the discovery that each of us can achieve the direct, transformative connection with the sacred realms-a connection that defines the mystic. The Journey to the Sacred Garden guides us along a well-traveled path into this extraordinary experience and includes an experiential CD of shamanic drumming and rattling, providing us with an effective, easily learned technique for expanding awareness and shifting consciousness safely. The first goal: to find our Sacred Garden, a place for personal empowerment; as well as physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual restoration. Once there, we learn through direct experience that the garden can be used as a gateway into the other levels of the inner worlds. Click here to order The Journey to the Sacred Garden: A Guide to Traveling in the Spiritual Realms from
Hoodoo Herb and Root Magic: A Materia Magica of African-American Conjure
by Catherine Yronwode
      I usually don't rave about books but I'm making an exception. This one is absolutely fantastic. It is a must have for anyone who is serious about practicing hoodoo or folk magic of any kind. Hoodoo Herb and Root Magic is the magical counterpart of Mrs. Grieve's "A Modern Herbal". It's a treasure house that contains thororough information that it would normally take many years to accumulate. If you're serious about folk magic of any kind, you'll get it.
     It is the first book of its kind, presenting accurate botanical information about roots and herbs employed in conjure, with sample spells that will show you how to make and use your own mojo bags, spiritual baths, and incenses. 224 pages 500 herbs, roots, minerals, and rare zoological curios, 750 traditional spells, tricks, and magical recipes, 50 black and white illustrations. Click here to order Hoodoo Herb and Root Magic from
Spiritual Cleansing: A Handbook of Psychic Protection
by Draja Mickaharic
     This book is a manual of psychic first aid, written to help you clean your spiritual atmosphere and to protect yourself in your environment. This book teaches how to clean away the psychic drudge in your environment, how to clean the previous tenant's vibrations out of your house or apartment, how to cleanse your own aura. The author includes recipes for herb, nut and flower baths for healing, clearing the air after arguments, reducing tension, increasing mental sharpness, bringing love into your life, and even for economic improvement. People should use the techniques in this book before going to a spiritual practitioner for help. In most cases they will be able to clear up their problem themselves. Click here to order Spiritual Cleansing from
A Century of Spells
by Draja Mickahoric
     Written as a practical introduction to natural magic, this workbook will help the reader learn natural magic and will serve as a practical reference for the practicing magician. It contains over 100 useful spells from a wide variety of magical traditions from all over the world. The clear, complete instructions detail how to make and work with water spells, baths, sprinkles, incense, oils, and herbs. This is an excellent foundational book for people who want to become more than dabblers in hoodoo and folk magic. Click here to order A Century of Spells from
Beyond Civilization: Humanity's Next Great Adventure
by Daniel Quinn
     In Beyond Civilization, Daniel Quinn thinks the unthinkable. We all know there's no one right way to build a bicycle, no one right way to design an automobile, no one right way to make a pair of shoes, but we're convinced that there must be only one right way to live -- and the one we have is it, no matter what. Beyond Civilization makes practical sense of the vision of Daniel Quinn's best-selling novel Ishmael. Examining ancient civilizations such as the Maya and the Olmec, as well as modern-day microcosms of alternative living like circus societies, Quinn guides us on a quest for a new model for society, one that is forward-thinking and encourages diversity instead of suppressing it. Beyond Civilization is not about a "New World Order" but a "New Personal World Order" that would allow people to assert control over their own destiny and grant them the freedom to create their own way of life right now -- not in some distant utopian future. Click here to order Beyond Civilization: Humanity's Next Great Adventure from
Ishmael: An Adventure of the Mind and Spirit
by Daniel Quinn
     The narrator of this extraordinary tale is a man in search for truth. He answers an ad in a local newspaper from a teacher looking for serious pupils, only to find himself alone in an abandoned office with a full-grown gorilla who is nibbling delicately on a slender branch. "You are the teacher?" he asks incredulously. "I am the teacher," the gorilla replies. Ishmael is a creature of immense wisdom and he has a story to tell, one that no other human being has ever heard. It is a story that extends backward and forward over the lifespan of the earth from the birth of time to a future there is still time save. Like all great teachers, Ishmael refuses to make the lesson easy; he demands the final illumination to come from within ourselves. Is it man's destiny to rule the world? Or is it a higher destiny possible for him-- one more wonderful than he has ever imagined? Click here to order Ishmael: An Adventure of the Mind and Spirit from
The Story of B
by Daniel Quinn
     The Story of B combines Daniel Quinn's provocative and visionary ideas with a masterfully plotted story of adventure and suspense in this stunning, resonant novel that is sure to stay with readers long after they have finished the last page. Father Jared Osborne--bound by a centuries-old mandate held by his order to know before all others that the Antichrist is among us--is sent to Europe on a mission to find a peripatetic preacher whose radical message is attracting a growing circle of followers. The target of Osborne's investigation is an American known only as B. He isn't teaching New Age platitudes or building a fanatical following; instead, he is quietly uncovering the hidden history of our planet, redefining the fall of man, and retracing a path of human spirituality that extends millions of years into the past. From the beginning, Fr. Osborne is stunned, outraged, and awed by the simplicity and profundity of B's teachings. Is B merely a heretic--or is he the Antichrist sent to seduce humanity not with wickedness, but with ideas more alluring than those of traditional religion? With surprising twists and fascinating characters, The Story of B answers this question as it sends readers on an intellectual journey that will forever change the way they view spirituality, human history, and, indeed, the state of our present world. Click here to order The Story of B from
My Ishmael
by Daniel Quinn
     Winner of the Turner Tomorrow Fellowship, Daniel Quinn's Ishmael is an underground bestseller and a testament for a burgeoning spiritual movement. Now Quinn presents an extraordinary sequel, a companion novel so startlingly original that even Ishmael's most faithful readers will not predict its outcome.... When Ishmael places an advertisement for pupils with "an earnest desire to save the world," he does not expect a child to answer him. But twelve-year-old Julie Gerchak is undaunted by Ishmael's reluctance to teach someone so young, and convinces him to take her on as his next student. Ishmael knows he can't apply the same strategies with Julie that he used with his first pupil, Alan Lomax--nor can he hope for the same outcome. But young Julie proves that she is ready to forge her own spiritual path--and arrive at her own destination. And when the time comes to choose a pupil to carry out his greatest mission yet, Ishmael makes a daring decision--a choice that just might change the world. Click here to order My Ishmael from
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