Toteg Tribe Membership Application

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Toteg Tribe Membership Application

If the principles and philosophy in Nature Religion - Natural Magic: Fundamentals of Toteg Tribe or How To Discover The Natural Spirituality You Already Have and Basic Toteg Tribe Philosophy are in keeping with your own views and you accept the affirmations that we have adopted as our Principles and Ideals you may become a member of Toteg Tribe.

We encourage membership of people who just want to be participants in the group without the pressure of HAVING to learn to become a "priest/ess and witch" or what-have-you. We encourage folks to join Toteg Tribe for the experience, camaraderie and association with like-minded people. People shouldn't hesitate to get involved for fear of having to jump into some kind of intensive specialized training for a particular position. Folks need to know they are wanted and accepted by the tribe without conditions like having to form their own Clan, or being a 'titled' something, or living close to one of us, etc.

Greenwood Clan issues Membership Certificates for our members. New members who join through Joseph are members of Greenwood Clan by default.

There is no membership fee. I do accept donations to cover the cost of postage, printing, and so forth. Also if you would like a copy of our book Toteg Tribe: Practicing Nature Religion - Natural Magic In Everyday Life the cost for the next edition will be $17.95 including postage. If you live outside of the United States please add postage fees of $5.00 for the first book and $2.00 for each additional one.

To join Toteg Tribe contact one of the Clan Leaders or print out or copy the following form and send it to the address below. If you prefer you can apply by e-mail to and send your payment for the book via PayPal through the Buy Now button below. Those who do not want to use PayPal, or who reside in a country other than the United States, should email us at the address above so we can send an invoice to you that you can pay by other credit cards.

If you would like to pay for the books by Visa or MasterCard let me know how many you want and I'll send you an invoice for them.

Toteg Tribe
c/o Joseph B Wilson
4406 Buttercup LN
Traverse City, MI 49684










Please answer the following questions:

1.  In what way will you benefit by being a member of Toteg Tribe?

2.  In what way will Toteg Tribe benefit from your membership?

3.  How have you integrated Toteg spirituality into your daily life?  Please Give specific examples.

I affirm that I have read and understand Toteg Tribe's basic philosophy and accept the principles and ideals.  Please recognize me as a member of the tribe and send me my membership certificate.


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