We Are Toteg Tribe

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We Are Toteg Tribe

We are Toteg Tribe.

We know that all things are children of the Earth Mother and Sky Father, and thus we are all related.

We learn the lessons Mother Earth teaches us through the languages of our brothers and sisters;  all that breathes, swims, flies, moves, grows, changes and exists.

We aspire to walk in balance on Mother Earth and live in harmony with all that is.

We remember to speak with respect with all things.

We honor and respect all of our ancestors:  physical, cultural, and spiritual.

We listen with consideration to those who choose to share their wisdom with us, and respect their rights to do so in their own way, in their own time.

We invoke the power of spirit for our own dreams and visions for the guidance of ourselves and our Tribe.

We respect your right to follow your own vision.

We seek to find correctness, good judgment, learning and knowledge in all things.

We practice personal responsibility in our daily lives.

We are the Toteg Tribe.

Table of Contents/Site Map
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