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Advance Order Information for So You Wannabe a Shaman, Huh? paperback book

Well folks, I've been working pretty hard now getting So You Wannabe A Shaman, Huh? ready to go to the printers. Several people have been helping with some proofreading and advice, which I appreciate greatly. I'm presently doing a little final editing on the interior and gonna be writing a brief introduction to Toteg Tribe to include in the Preface pages so folks don't get too confused when they reach parts that refer to it in the main text.

Draja Mickaharic, author of the highly recommended Spiritual Cleansing (and other books such as A Century of Spells, Magical Techniques, Practice of Magic An Introductory Guide, and Magic Simplified) has written a nice blurb for the back cover. He wrote:

"I just finished the book. I love it. This book should be required reading for anyone who decides that they wish to follow the "Shaman's path." It pulls no punches and states the obvious: that shamanism is a specific set of spiritual practices that the inquirer may not be equipped to enter."
Also Jacobus G. Swart , Kabbalist, Rod of the Sangreal Sodality, a Brotherhood founded by Wm G. Gray in South Africa, said good words about it too:
"I apply two criteria when it comes to esoteric books of all kinds: lucidity and honesty, and reading Joseph Bearwalker Wilson's "So You Wannabe A Shaman, Huh?" left no doubt in my mind that this author "walked his talk," that he knows what he is talking about, and that he is a living expression of the remarkable Tradition he is introducing with such astonishing clarity to his readers. To say that the author writes well would be an understatement as far as this book is concerned. I read, recognized, understood and acknowledge this masterful guide to all "Wannabe Shamans."

I spoke to cat yronwode of Lucky Mojo on the phone about it Friday and am mailing her a print out of the current draft for her to read -- she is quite enthused about it and will also be writing a nice blurb for me to use.

I'm going all out with this one, getting the ISBN for proper bibliographic listing in Books in Print, Forthcoming Books and other directories. In about 10 days I'll have 10 ISBNs to use so I'm a real book publisher now!

We should be able to get SO YOU WANNABE A SHAMAN, HUH? to the printer within about 15 to 20 days. I'm using the new Print on Demand technology which means it's more expensive per book, but we are able to do MUCH shorter runs so is a lot more practical for folks like us!

SO YOU WANNABE A SHAMAN, HUH? will be a 4x7 pocketbook printed in black ink only on 60 lb book offset paper. It will be 100+ pages, have a full color sky blue laminated cover on 10pt coated paper. These are essentially the same materials used in the Yellow book, but with a blue cover in a pocketbook size. The cover price is $17.00

In order to help raise money for printing I'm offering a pre-publication sale. For advance orders of 1-3 copies at $14 each, and advance orders of 4 or more copies at $10 each. For shipping to a US address the total price includes shipping via MEDIA MAIL. I'll have to make other arrangements for shipping to other countries on an individual basis since the post office charges much higher rates for that.

Please preorder the book, not to be "one of the first on your block to get it" but because it's a necessity for me to be able to pay for the printing! I'm taking a huge risk here that I truly can't afford, but "spirit told me to."


There are several ways to place and pay for your advance order.


Save the order form below as a text file, fill it out, and E-MAIL it to me.

If you want to pay with Visa or Mastercard you may email me your order and ask me to send you an invoice. I'll email you an invoice that will include a link where you can go to a secure server and fill in your credit card details, The purchase will show up on your credit card statement as a payment to my email address

Please use the subject line "So You Wannabe A Shaman Preorder" to speed processing. If you are in the United States and don't want to enter your credit card information on line do not include your credit card information, instead give a time for me to telephone you and I'll get that information over the phone.

2. With PayPal

If you prefer you may Submit payment through PayPal to

If you pay by Paypal, be sure to send me the order form by separate email or I will not know what the payment is for.

Please use the subject line "So You Wannabe A Shaman Preorder" to speed processing.

3. SNAIL MAIL -- print out the information below, fill it out, and snail mail it to the address listed. Make checks or money orders payable in US funds to Joseph B Wilson.

|QTY__ __DESCRIPTION___________________________ __EACH_ __TOTAL___ 
|     |SO YOU WANNABE A SHAMAN, HUH? (1-3)     |$14.00 |          |
|     |SO YOU WANNABE A SHAMAN, HUH? (4-??)    |$10.00 |          |

                                          PRODUCT TOTAL  ________

                       SHIPPING IF NOT IN UNITED STATES  ___??___

                    MICHIGAN RESIDENTS ADD .06 SALES TAX (________)

                                            ORDER TOTAL  ________

NAME  ____________________________________________________________

STREET ADDRESS  __________________________________________________

CITY  ________________________  STATE  _________  ZIP  ___________

PHONE  _______________________  EMAIL  ___________________________



                  JOSEPH B WILSON. 
                  4406 BUTTERCUP LN 
                  TRAVERSE CITY MI 49684 

  ___ Visa  ___ MasterCard

Credit Card No. ____________/____________/____________/____________

 Expiration Date ____/_____   3 or 4 Digit Card Security Code ______

 Name as it appears on card _______________________________________

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